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Art exhibition dedicated to explorations relating to photography, design, illustration stories and fashion.
All the images except for ones created by guest artists were created by Animar XO for the purpose of exploring and artistic expression when started it all in 1997.
ideas " Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different. "
ideas -- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi   

Visual Story

This story captures the individualism of strangers we meet on daily travels through a city.
Fashion Story

Lifestyle and fantasy illustrations. The third story "Spring" is a playful expression of pasting winter saddness.
Stories by Guest Artists

A colour photography story submitted to us by Carrasco Lambert.
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Gallery of stories by guest artists using illustration, digital medium, graphic design and/or photography to tell a story. If you are interested in showing your story on our web site click here.
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We keep previous stories and quotations in our archives. We also welcome suggestions, so contact us, if you know a quotation connected to photography, design, fashion or art.
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