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Invitation to Visual Stories Art Exhibit
artists story submission guide

exhibition We invite artists, photographers, illustrators and graphic designers to exhibit a visual story in the Art Gallery section of our website. The story will be featured for a three month free of charge and if you decide to keep it in our archive we can do that for a small fee of $50.00 US a year (e-mail forwarding and link to your website included). Pages containing your story will be submitted to search engines to ensure high traffic.

The featured artists artwork will be chosen on the following bases:

1. Images have to tell a story
2. The quality of images and underlying message(s) executed creatively
3. Content of visual story we are leaving up to you
4. The person submitting has to be a copyright owner of these images
5. Artwork media is of your choise: illustrations, graphic design, photography or digital collage
6. No pornography or violence

How to submit visual story for exhibition:

Send an e-mail to with the following:

1. Attached .zip, .sit or .hqx file containing up to five images in "jpeg" format (maximum size of each image 400 by 400 pixels)
2. Title, short description of the story
3. List of techniques used to create the story
4. Your name, e-mail address and your website address (if you have one)
5. Do not send us original artwork
6. We also encourage you to submit poetry or commentaries with your images but it is not necessary

We will inform you whether and when your story will be featured.
Animar XO reserves the right to design the layout of the featured story and make editorial changes to submitted description. Link to the featured story will be provided right from the art gallery home page. By submitting your story you agree to above conditions. If you have any questions contact us.

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